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Christina Martin, CEO

It all started in 2016, when I reached out to the husband of my best friend to see if there was an opportunity to hire me as the new “bookkeeper” and manager of all things financial and administrative. He was transitioning from being a manager to an owner-operator and it was the right time to embark on a partnership. After 10 years in the corporate world and a brief year staying home with my son, I was ready to get back to my passion. Little did I know that this particular business would be the start of my own business, a life-long goal of my own, SourceUP.

After adding two more clients, it was abundantly clear that the services I offered were of great need to businesses working to scale up and grow their own passion. I have worked for two large corporations, GE Healthcare and Miller Brewing Company, turned MillerCoors during my time. I moved up the ladder through a diverse set of positions within Finance, but also took roles in Strategy and Sales, as part of a new segment incubation and launch. This variety provided me a wide-range of experiences that shaped how I manage my client interactions now. I focus on clarity; ensuring my clients understand the financial side of their business and have the analytical tools to easily make decisions for their future. I invest time in the entrepreneur; seeking to understand their passion and what struggles they have with their business. I want to create solutions that best fit the way they do business while reducing or eliminating their pain points.


Christina Martin, 
Owner & CEO

Christina built SourceUP on a foundation of experiences spanning nearly all business functions—financial planning and analysis, budgeting, project and cost management, strategy, new business launches, and sales and marketing.  Christina spent the past seven years exclusively focused on supporting small businesses working to scale operations and in need of assistance in all things financial, administrative, and strategic planning. Christina’s breadth of experience enables her to offer a unique set of skills and perspective to small business owners who understand the stress of having to “manage it all.”


Prior to founding SourceUP (and starting a family), Christina enjoyed a career working across multiple functions at MillerCoors.  She started as the lead financial analyst for marketing spend for Miller Lite, the Company’s largest brand, and Miller Genuine Draft.  Enjoying the excitement and pace of marketing, Christina grew her role into the integration team as senior analyst for all marketing spend for the entire Miller and Coors Brewing Company brand portfolio.  As the Company’s structure evolved following the JV, Christina continued to learn new parts of business in finance, ultimately managing all General & Administrative spend for the newly formed company. Curiosity and a desire for new challenges led to Christina taking roles in Strategy and Sales as part of a new segment incubation and launch.  Following the successful creation of a new business within MillerCoors, she ultimately finished her career at the Company leading Sales for the entire craft and import portfolio in Indiana and Kentucky.  


Prior to joining MillerCoors, Christina was recruited from college into GE Healthcare as part of their renowned Financial Management Program (FMP).  While at GE, Christina worked in a variety of positions including Procurement Technical Accounting, Manufacturing Finance, and Global FP&A. Christina graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Finance and a B.A. in Spanish.  


When not supporting her clients’ entrepreneurial dreams, Christina and her husband, John, are busy parents to Luca, Maxine, and Ray.  She keeps busy with yoga, tennis, cooking, and gardening.  


As our clients' businesses have grown, it has become abundantly clear that the SourceUP team needed to grow to meet the demand of our clients. We have become the transactional specialist for our clients, delivering customer service focused solutions that drive productivity for the client and their business. The Account Manager is the first critical point in maintaining the pulse and managing our client business so we can continue to offer transformative services to the client. It is the ground level of every small business; the little stuff that keeps our business owners from doing bigger things. If we can excel at managing the foundational elements of the business, we will empower the entrepreneur to focus on the unique skills they have that grow their business and meet their goals. 

We also have a seasoned Strategic Finance Manager that levels up our coverage for our clients to allow us to provide that dual level approach for all of our clients.  Our strategic coverage is proactive and comprehensive to provide direction on the areas that most owners don't have an opportunity to focus on in their typical operations.  

Jessica McCracken,
Account Manager

Jessica McCracken joined SourceUP in 2020 as the Account Manager, focusing on the day-to-day operations of our client's businesses. In this role, she is integrated into the businesses she supports, and she has the unique opportunity to provide exceptional customer service to SourceUP's clients and the customers that they serve. 

Jessica is instrumental to the operations of our clients’ businesses and serves as the lead contact between the entrepreneur’s company and their clients.  She manages transactional services, initiates payroll for contractors and employees, manages contractor and customer invoices, integrates Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), provides project budget updates, monitors client contracts, maintains vendor and contractor relationships, utilizes virtual tools to collaborate with team members, and is highly proficient with QuickBooks®.  Providing excellent customer service is an essential practice for Jessica.  From her years in management at Enterprise-Rent-A-Car/Truck, she learned firsthand how customer service is integral to building profitable relationships.  

Jessica understands how crucial her role is in gaining repeat and new business for our clients, and she holds integrity above all else.  She is extremely comfortable with meeting new people, whether they be our client’s client, a contractor, or vendor.  All these relationships are essential to the success of our client’s business, and she is accustomed to being a central point for multiple channels of communication. 

Prior to joining SourceUP, Jessica was an executive for a granola start-up small business.  She had an all-encompassing role which included product packaging, transactional services, product marketing and sales, social media marketing, tradeshows, logistics, human resources, food broker network, customer service, and vendor relations.  Her highest achievements were establishing a successful sales presence on Amazon and growing granola sales in schools across the country.  Having this small business experience makes her a very strong asset to not only SourceUP, but to our clients.  

Jessica graduated from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN with a degree in History.  When Jessica is not utilizing QuickBooks® with ninja-like-precision or thinking about process improvements, she can be seen cheering for her sons at their athletic games.  She and her husband are proud parents to three amazing boys and one adorable dachshund.   








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"Christina has been a huge asset to our program. She helped to turn around our program that was losing money into positive net gains within one year. She spent many hours listening to our needs and learning how we operated, and created business processes and a detailed budget from the ground up. I value most our working relationship as we work together as a team.  She is often two steps ahead of us, anticipating what comes next.  She has helped us create visions for our future while also being a voice of reason for what is required in that moment. Christina has tailored her services to meet our needs in every way and I can't imagine our program without her expertise and guidance."

Liz, Allisonville Christian Church Preschool

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