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Financial SetUP

Our business owners focus on their passions. Getting the ground level created in the financial sense may not be their expertise. Don’t worry, because it is ours! We will work closely to understand your current business, and your future goals, so that we can build the financial systems to best suit current and future state. We will agree to a 90 day, 6-month and 12-month work plan to set up the foundation for the growth of your business. 

Services Include: 

  • In person or video meetings to understand the core business and foundation needs

  • Set up of financial systems (e.g. Quickbooks®) and integration into your business

  • Full and comprehensive training on how to use and manage the system

  • Integration with other systems, as needed, such as payroll tracking, expense reporting, and invoice management

  • Comprehensive and collaborative plan for 90 day, 6-month, and 12-month check points to ensure the system tools are working for your business


Starting at $3,500

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